LG Top Load T85AJSF1Z 8.5 KG Silver

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  • Smart inverter motor
  • Auto tub clean – automatic tub cleaning after every wash cycle
  • Jet spray+ – powerful water sprays, washes off dirt & extra detergent
  • Turbodrum – better washing inside the drum
  • Turbowash – spend less time on laundry and more time living
  • Smart diagnosis- instant trouble shooting

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LG T85AJSF1Z Top Load Washing Machine

Smart Inverter Technology

Smart Inverter is an energy saving technology that eliminates wasted operation by efficiently controlling energy use. Its revolutionary water proof motor doesn’t corrode and is the most durable one in its league.

Jet Spray+

The powerful built-in jet spray+ removes dirt and excessive detergent without any manual scrubbing or rubbing effort.


TurboDrum enables the most powerful wash and removes the toughest dirt through a strong water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction.
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Smart Diagnosis™

If an error occurs, you can use the LG App or make a phone call to the LG Service center. A diagnosis can then be made resulting in less time wasted, less inconvenience and unnecessary visits.

Soft Closing & Wide Diamond Glass Door


Punch+ 3

Punch+ 3 creates water streams in vertical direction which mix laundry up and down repeatedly for even washing result.


Auto Pre Wash

LG’s Auto Pre Wash is the easiest option to clear stain-removal concern. With one touch, tough stains are ready to be gone. Let your hands free.


Side Waterfall

Side Waterfall mixes detergent with water effectively and minimizes detergent residue.


Auto Restart

Auto Restart allows the program to restart all by itself in case of power failure. It resumes from stage where it stopped, however, the wash cycle time may vary.

Standby Power Save

Even if the power cord is plugged in, no power consumption by the machine on standby mode.


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