LG SBS GR-A24FDMMB 617 Liters Black Lid Led

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LG SBS GR-A24FDMMB Refrigerator

Much to adore. The fridge with more.

617L French Door, Objet Collection with MoodUP®Refrigerators

Colour collection

Let your mood set the vibe

Easily customise your fridge’s colour display from the ThinQ® app.*

617L French Door

Music collection

Lights. Music. Party.

Use Party Mode to play your favourite songs or choose from fridge’s extensive music collection.

Lights. Music. Party.

LG ThinQ®

Smart living begins with LG ThinQ®

Discover Wi-Fi-enabled appliances that you can control and monitor with your smartphone and voice commands.​

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Live in colour

Bring flavor to your kitchen

with fresh food and food and funky lights.

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