LG OL45 220W RMS, Multi-Bluetooth / USB / FM / Mic In / Aux In

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Key Features

  • 220 Watts
  • Multi Color Lighting
  • Karaoke Star
  • Wireless Party Link
  • TV Sound Sync

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SKU: OL45.DINDLLK Categories: , , , Tag:


LG OL45 Party Speaker


Where to Buy Range Catalogue – XBOOM1
Range Catalogue – XBOOM LG XBOOM App.1
LG XBOOM App. The LG XBOOM exclusive app lets you set up and control various functions of the LG XBOOM. Through this application, the User can configure various features and control sound effects of LG XBOOM.
LG XBOOM OL45 220W System Compact Size, Big Sound LG XBOOM OL45 gets the party going with powerful 220-watt sound and thumping bass.
LG XBOOM OL45 Multi Color Lighting Multi Color Lighting Colored lights flash in sync with the music to add excitement and atmosphere to parties.
LG XBOOM OL45 Karaoke Star Singing is easy and enjoyable with a voice canceller to reduce in-track vocals and a key changer that tunes the music to your voice. You can also choose 18 different vocal effects to sing with. *This function may not apply to some tracks.
LG XBOOM OL45 Wireless Party Link Double Your Sound with Wireless Party Link Link two LG XBOOM OL45 systems together wirelessly to increase the output to 440 watts. An extra speaker means more powerful sound and more fun. *Only compatible with other XBOOM speakers that have Wireless Party Link support.
LG XBOOM OL45 Connectivity Choose from a variety of input options including Bluetooth®, USB ports, CD and FM Radio.
LG XBOOM OL45 Bluetooth Connect the OL45 to your LG TV via Bluetooth® to experience more impressive, room-filling sound.
Power Output – Front 220W x 1
Function Selector – CD Yes
Function Selector – Tuner Yes
Function Selector – AUX1 Yes
Function Selector – USB1 Yes
Function Selector – Bluetooth Yes
Audio Out – Party Link with AUX Yes
Audio In – USB 1 Yes (Front)
Audio In – AUX IN 1/2 (L/R) 1 (Rear)
Audio In – Door Lock Key (Disc) Yes
Audio In – FM Yes
Audio In – Mic Volume (on Main Set) Yes
Audio In – Mic Jack Yes
Audio In – Echo (on RCU) Yes
Demo Yes
Dimmer Yes
Cluster2 EQ Yes
Standard Yes
Pop Yes
Classic Yes
Rock Yes
Jazz Yes
Bass Blast/Bass Blast + Yes
Football Yes
Dangdut Yes
Arabic Yes
Afro Hip-hop Yes
India Yes
Regueton Yes
Merengue Yes
Salsa Yes
Samba Yes
Axe Yes
Forro Yes
Funk Yes
Sertanejo Yes
Power Requirement 110/220V
Power Consumption at Standby 0.5W↓
Mute Yes
Type PLL
Band FM
Tuning Range – FM (50kHz/100kHz) 87.5 ~ 108.0 MHz
Station Preset Ran.50
Memory/Erase Yes/Yes
Clock/Alarm/Sleep/Set Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
Disc 1-CD Tray
Playable DISC Format – Audio CD Yes
Playable DISC Format – MP3/WMA CD Yes/Yes
Playable DISC Format – CD-R/CD-RW Yes/Yes
Playable DISC Format – CDG Yes
Playable File Format – MP3 Yes
Playable File Format – WMA Yes
Playable File Format – Bluetooth AAC Codec Yes
Convenience – Repeat 1/All Yes/Yes
Convenience – JukeBox Yes (200)
Convenience – Suffle Yes
Convenience – Skip – Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience – Scan – Fwd/Rev Yes
Convenience – USB direct recording Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Remote App – Android Yes
Convenience – Multi Color (RGB) Speaker Lighting Yes
Convenience – MP3/WMA ID3 Tag Display Yes
Convenience – File delete Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Auto Function Change Yes
Convenience – TV Sound Sync. Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Power on (Stand by) Yes
Convenience – Fota Yes
Convenience – Bluetooth Multi Pairing Yes
Convenience – Auto Music Play (Move & Play) Yes
Convenience – Wireless Party Link Yes
Karaoke Recording Yes
Echo Mode Yes
Vocal Effects Yes
Voice canceller Yes
Key Changer Yes
Sound Sync – Bluetooth (LG TV) Yes
Automatic Power on/off – Bluetooth (LG TV) Yes
Remote Control Unit Yes
Battery AAA x 2
Instruction Manual Yes
Warranty Card Yes
FM Antenna Yes
System 1Way 2Speaker
Tweeter Unit 5.08cm (2)
Woofer Unit 16.51cm (6.5)
Magnetic Shielding No Shield
Main Size (W x H x D) mm 451 x 306 x 306
Main Net Weight (Kg) 8.0



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