LG Air Purifier Wearable AP551ABFA Black

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Key Features

  • Made in Korea
  • Thorough Air Purification and Better Breathing with H13 HEPA Filter
  • Dual Inverter Fans and patented Respiratory Sensor
  • VoiceON™
  • Light Weight (94g), Ergonomic Design
  • Bluetooth Connectivity

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LG AP551ABFA Air Purifier Wearable

Thorough Air Purification

Wear Your Clean Air

Breathe in clean, fresh air with H13 HEPA filters ,effectively filter 0.3ⴗm county floating particles up to 99.97%. 
*Filter effectively filters suspended particles up to 99.97% (KCL CT21-063277E, June 2021).
*About avg. 30 LPM is needed for walking, avg. 80-90 LPM is needed for running(*LPM: liter per minute). Inhalation resistance 0~2Pa @ 30LPM, Auto mode condition (20~55LPM) based on internal test.
*This result can be different under actual usage condition.
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Speak confidently as VoiceON™ (built-in microphone and speaker) projects the sound of your voice, making it easy to be heard.
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*One large-size mask is included, and there is also a medium-size mask for purchase. The additional purchase is 1 box and 1 piece
*Internal Test : Air leakage rate (Expected probability of 8%) – Measured and compared the concentration of sodium chloride and the concentration of sodium chloride particles inside the mask when the subject wears a mask inside and performs 5 exercises.
*Assessment of speech intelligibility Test result: Obtained over 0.75 (Excellent) certified by Korea Electronics Technology Institute, Next-Generation Sound Industry Support Center (NSSC)
*Recommended use for adults only.
*Do not allow children to handle the product without supervision.
Replaceable Parts

Replaceable Parts for Consistently Clean Air

Replace parts as needed to keep it clean for repeated use.
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Total Care Filter

Recommended to replace the HEPA filter after 1 month of use. ( 2 pics are included in the package. 2 pics in a box for additional purchase.)
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*Passed SGS test (June 2021), 9 non-metal parts and 4 metal parts proved to meet safety standards.

Certified by TÜV Rheinland

Filter virus removal performance 99.7% (TUV 60370659-002) and product virus removal performance 97.1% (TUV KR21320X-001, May 2021) (※Test virus: Phage virus Phi X 174; Host: Escherichia coli C) (ATCC 13706-B1 / ATCC 13706). The tests are conducted internally under the supervision of TUV Rheinland Korea (May 2021)

* The charing function of Case (PWKAUW01) only compatible with specific model (AP300AWFA)
*99.99% Bacteria removal: – Measurement of bacteria reduction rate after 30 minutes UVC irradiation. Performance was verified through an internal test conducted under the observation of TUV Rheinland Korea (date: Sep. 25, 2020).
*99% Filter bacteria removal: – Measurement of bacteria reduction rate after 4 hours filter drying mode operation. Performance was verified through an internal test conducted under the observation of TUV Rheinland Korea (date: Sep. 25, 2020).
*Part of the product that is not exposed to UV LED is not sterilized, and the sterilization effect is sterilization by product part depending on various factors such as UV LED deterioration due to continuous use of the product, sterilization less than 30 minutes, distance exposed to light source, and actual use environment. Effects may vary.
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